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Quarantine Tips

The Threat Is Real. The Panic Is Not.

It’s scary to be in quarantine or isolation for COVID-19. It’s equal parts boring and lonely. There are times the energy seethes through your body with no outlet and you wish you could run up walls. Meanwhile, your thoughts spin round and round like hamster feet on a rodent wheel – and they’re rarely joyful, hopeful, uplifting thoughts! Quarantine Tips offers information, inspiration and connection to help you survive the pandemic.

Whether it’s optional or mandatory, quarantine challenges your income, your relationships and your peace of mind. Not to mention your health!

Information & Resources (From Validated Sources)

What Do You Need to Know

How to shop? No toilet paper? No problem! Tips and hacks to get you through the pandemic.

Your kids need you to be strong. Your kids need you to be calm.
But how are you supposed to do that when they’re driving you BATSHIT CRAZY?? Keeps kids busy!