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Kids Quarantine Activities

A Smorgasbord of FREE Learning & Entertainment for Kids

No matter our specific situation our kids need two things right now:

  • Time outside and/or physical activity. It can be dancing to Youtube videos or online fitness classes or hikes, bike rides or playing ball in the yard.
  • Connection with the loving adults in their life. Quiet cuddling or playing Bucking Bronco on the carpet – it doesn’t matter! They need us, no matter how scared or stressed we are.
Keep their brains and fingers busy!

PBS : TV Shows & At-Home Learning

If you’re going to turn on the TV, you still can’t beat PBS when it comes to educational programming for kids. They’ve expanded their educational programming during the Coronavirus crisis to 6am to 5pm on weekdays (because they don’t want moms to go insane any more than our kids do!)

Lunch Doodles w/ Mo Willems

Famous among little readers for Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Knuffle Bunny, author and illustrator Mo Willems will help us all get creative!

Kids Coding

Fun and engaging. And FREE! Here’s a list of free apps and coding games for various ages.

Virtual Field Trips

Free virtual field trips. Go somewhere you probably wouldn’t be able to – even if you weren’t on quarantine! The Colosseum! The Louvre! Mt. Everest!

Homeschool Curriculum

Though we may have never foreseen it, all of us are homeschooling now. Find some age- or subject-focused curriculum for free.

If you’re homeschooling but looking for specialized online programs to augment your efforts, there are numerous options, especially for kids with an interest in a particular subject, like art or music. One good example (though I’m admittedly biased), is The WriteHire‘s YouthWrite creative writing classes for kids and teens.

Activities At Home

  • Scavenger Hunt (indoor/outdoor)
  • Easter Egg Hunt (indoor/outdoor)
  • Obstacle Course (indoor/outdoor)
  • Cardboard construction (All those Amazon boxes? Build a castle!)
  • Pillow/couch fort
  • “Cooking” (it probably won’t be edible). Pizza dough and sprinkles will last a long time!
  • Mix glue with shaving cream for textured (washable) finger painting
  • Plant seeds and garden
  • Perform a play – or at least dress up and dance around

Scholastic Learn At Home

Age-appropriate activities that follow a theme. Can be a great springboard for related activities such as dancing/moving like the subject matter, art projects or – for older kids – researching the subject.

Ranger Rick

Free magazines and activities. Plus tips for parents/teachers.

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