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Scientific & Medical

For your own peace of mind, limit your reading/watching about COVID-19 to the info you need to make smart decisions but not fuel obsessive thinking. he latest articles, research and discoveries about COVID-19

I’m an information junkie.

If you’re not, I’ll save you the trouble. Here are the most interesting and current public articles I can find, as well as reliable scientific and medical information resources. It’s by no means a comprehensive list. However, the internet – particularly social media – abounds with DANGEROUSLY inaccurate (even purposely dishonest) content about COVID. Find a reasonable number of reliable resources you can believe and get your facts from there instead of following every link that offers some COVID product or opening every email supposedly from a top scientist.


World Health Organization (WHO)

The most far-reaching look at the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation around the world. Frequent updates and objective analysis of the illness’s impacts on every country and what’s being done to address them. More of an informative resource, than a practical one. WHO COVID updates.

State & Local Health Department

Now that COVID-19 is spreading in every state, the most relevant health and government updates are happening on a local level. Check your state Department of Health webpage and County Health Department webpage and sign up to receive updates directly.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Helpful, practical information to help you make decisions and change your actions to prevent COVID-19 and take care of your health. Subjects like symptoms, preparing your family and resources for the community. Plus map and stats about Coronavirus in the USA. CDC resources.

Ongoing Media Coverage

My favorite media resource for ongoing media COVID-19 coverage is Washington Post – none of they hyped-up emotionalism and sensationalism of some of the bigger media entities and less political bias than many information resources (at least in COVID articles). Extensive, thorough coverage of all aspects of Coronavirus. Washington Post has been covering the outbreak for months – I first read about it here in January. (And US president claims he was “blindsided”??) Washington Post coverage.