man wearing bonnet and hoodie

Thanksgiving is Not Canceled: How to Celebrate During a Pandemic

Yes, we’ll survive a shuttered, distanced Thanksgiving. The same can’t be said of a potentially fatal virus. Find heart in the fact that no one ever died from a lack of pumpkin pie. But, whether or not we enjoy this Thanksgiving or grow from it or find value in what this unique year offers us…that’s our choice.

You Don’t Have Hope

In 2013, I was wheeled into the operating room and greeted by the usual crew: nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologist, all gowned, gloved, goggled and masked beyond recognition. After 13 surgeries (or was it 15?), I knew the drill. But this time there was someone new: a burly man with dark hair crisply parted and plastered to his head. His hands were beefy, his physique muscular. He wore a black, rubber apron that hung all the way to his shins.
How do you find hope when you have none? You don’t.